Red tagliatelle with wild boar and hazelnut ragout

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Red tagliatelle with wild boar and hazelnut ragout

  • CourseMain Course
  • Preparation40'
  • Difficultymedium
  • Gamewild boar
  • Calories500 - 600
  • ActivityRunning M 50', F 1h 10'
  • Persons4


G 500 wild boar loin
G 200 Chioggia white onion
mL 100 whole milk
G 10 potato starch
G 100 Grana Padano cheese
G 50 Piedmont hazelnuts
Parsley to taste
Carrots and celery to taste
Laurel to taste
Meat stock to taste
Extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste


  • Wash the wild boar loin well, clean it. Cut the meat into small pieces, put it in a saucepan, blanch it and, after a few minutes, add the oil, half the finely chopped onion, salt and pepper. After about 8’, add some stock and cook for about 30’ with the lid on.
  • Clean the beetroots from any stems and wash them well. Put them in a pan and cover them with cold water. Add a little salt and a pinch of sugar and boil everything over low heat for 45’.
  • Once cooked, pass the beets under cold water for a moment, remove the peel, cut them into slices and blend them. Let it cool. You can also cook the beets the day before.
  • Prepare the fresh pasta by forming a circle with the semolina and introduce the beets and water in the center, add a pinch of salt and continue to knead until you obtain an elastic and smooth dough.
  • Let it rest for 10’, then roll out the dough to about 4 mm thick and cut the tagliatelle.
  • For the onion cream, simmer the milk with the remaining finely chopped onions and the cheese, add a pinch of salt and the starch diluted in a little water.



Wine CouplingNizza DOCG

Other Info

Kcal 553*

*For every medium-low speed running activity (8Km/h), the AVERAGE calorie consumption is of approximately 8Kcal x Kg x height, considering an average female weight of 60 Kg and an average male weight of 80 Kg.

Loin of wild boar is a meat rich in protein, iron and rather lean, therefore low in calories, which goes particularly well with first courses. If the loin comes from an adult animal, you can leave it overnight in the fridge with Sangiovese red wine, which thanks to its enzymes will make the meat tender and digestible.