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Ramen with woodpigeon tortello and portulaca

  • CourseMain Course
  • Preparation3h
  • Difficultyeasy
  • Gamewoodcook
  • Calories700 - 800
  • ActivityM 71’, F 98’
  • Persons4


For filling the tortello
4 woodpigeons
1 kg portulaca
10 peppers
1 clove of garlic
1 celery stalk
1 carrot
1 onion
Grated Parmesan to taste
Rosemary, sage, garlic, marjoram, cloves to taste
White wine to taste
Game broth to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

For the dough
500 g flour 00
240 g lukewarm water
Salt to taste

For the broth
15 peppers
½ head cabbage
Soy sauce to taste


  • For the filling, clean the woodpigeons by extracting the entrails. Cut them into 4 pieces, put them in the pot with garlic, celery and carrot cut into large pieces, the aromas and add the olive oil. Seal the meat well on all sides, blend with the white wine, then add the game broth.
  • Blanch the portulaca for a few minutes, pass in cold water and beat with a knife.
  • When the pigeons are well cooked, peeled and chop everything with a knife, add the portulaca, adjust with salt and pepper and very little Parmesan cheese.
  • For the tortello dough, knead warm water, flour, add salt and leave the dough covered for a few minutes. Roll out the dough, form circles, place the filling in the center and close like a Chinese dumpling.
  • For the broth, cook the peppers in the oven at 170 ° for 30’, wrap them in food film, and extract the water, adjusted with soy sauce.
  • Finely slice the cabbage into a slicer, place for a few minutes in boiling water and then in water and ice.
  • In a broth bowl, put the pepper water broth, the previously steamed and pan-seared tortello, and a ball of head cabbage.



Wine CouplingLambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOC

Other Info

Kcal 790*
*For every medium-low speed running activity (8Km/h), the AVERAGE calorie consumption is of approximately 8Kcal x Kg x height, considering an average female weight of 60 Kg and an average male weight of 80 Kg.