Franchi Food Academy

Franchi Food Academy is the result of a combination of creativity and authenticity.

In addition to proposing extremely simple and enticing dishes of game, a traditional raw material of excellence, the Academy provides recipes and offers a series of taste education workshops.

Appetizers, dinners, cooking shows, cooking classes and other events, organised and prepared with the target of promoting a new concept of taste and the consumption of game food, allow guests to discover new flavours, and at the same time, enhance the regions associated with this food.
Simplicity and lightness are the main ingredients of each recipe.

Franchi Food Academy introduces a new taste to delight the taste buds of even those who have not been tempted to experience such flavours until now.

Franchi Food Academy selects game food to create dishes for tasting and sharing, turning simple everyday moments into unique and unforgettable experiences.

Franchi Food Academy delivers the flavours of the hunting culture to every home through social networks, its website, happy hour events, cooking lessons, workshops and… your lunches and dinners.


Franchi Food Academy was established to promote game food by transmitting knowledge of its quality, safety, control and transparency.
Aiming to improve, elevate, and raise awareness of the perception of hunting, it provides information on the importance of this activity in protecting the territory.
It promotes food and wine tourism by exploiting new hunting styles.

Franchi Food Academy wishes to deliver the flavour of game to every home, allowing the dinner table to become an “occasion” and an “opportunity” to enjoy, involving even those who consider game dishes to be for an exclusive few.

Franchi Food Academy entertains those with a passion for food and wine tourism and “ethical” hunting, surprises gourmets and cooking fans, and amazes traditionalists by offering unconventional recipes and daring reinterpretations, winning over the most sceptical with delicate and balanced flavours.

Franchi Food Academy is aimed at all those who love the pleasure of the table, and seek selected raw materials that, combined with a simple cuisine, preserve all the nutritional values. This collection of resources and activities offers new recipes, small cooking lessons, a list of specialty restaurants and certified distributors, tips, peculiarities and the tricks of top chefs.