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Country salad with paprika pheasant

  • CourseStarter
  • Preparation60'
  • Difficultyeasy
  • Gamepheasant
  • Calories300 - 400
  • ActivityRunning M 35', F 49'
  • Persons4


G 250 pheasant breast
G 400 green salad
G 200 carrots
G 100 peas
G 100 avocado
G 100 red and yellow cherry tomatoes
G 100 baguette
G 100 goat yogurt
Paprika and coriander to taste
Extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste


  • Place the pheasant breast inside a vacuum bag with oil, salt and paprika and condition. Leave to flavor for 30’, then cook in a bain-marie for 30’ at a temperature of 70° C (158° F).
  • Meanwhile, cut the bread into slices, season with oil and salt and toast it in a ventilated oven at a temperature of 120° C (248° F) for 10’.
  • Open the vacuum bag and cut the breast evenly, taking care not to dirty the inside with the red paprika.
  • Wash the vegetables, cut the carrots, tomatoes and salad, clean the avocado, boil the peas and let them cool.
  • Compose the dish with all the elements to your taste, using your imagination.
  • Season with goat yogurt, rich in calcium and phosphorus,add a little coriander to give freshness.



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Other Info

Kcal 391*

*For every medium-low speed running activity (8Km/h), the AVERAGE calorie consumption is of approximately 8Kcal x Kg x height, considering an average female weight of 60 Kg and an average male weight of 80 Kg.