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Venison filet, hazelnuts, green onion and asparagus

  • CourseSecond Course
  • Difficultymedium
  • Selvagginadeer
  • Calories300 - 400
  • ActivityRunning M 35' F 48'
  • Persons4


G 550 venison filet

Venison bones

N 8 asparagus spears

N 5 green onions

G 100 chopped hazelnuts

N 1 garlic clove

N 1 shallot

Celery, carrots, onions to taste

Rosemary, bay leaves, thyme to taste

Salt, pepper, EVO olive oil to taste


  • Toast the bones at 200℃ for around 2 hours, drain the fat and boil the bones in a generous amount of water with celery, carrots and diced onion. Boil for 4-5 hours, continually skimming the fat. Filter the bone and reduce until a game stock reduction (150 mL) is obtained, flavoring with rosemary and bay leaves, a clove of garlic, half a shallot, and salt to taste.
  • Cut the green of the green onions and blanch them in a generous amount of salted water for a few minutes, strain and chill immediately to preserve the color.
  • Braise the shallot with a drizzle of oil and then chill it.
  • Combine the blanched green onions and the braised shallot and blend until you get a dense cream; add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Clean the asparagus, cut the spears every 5 cm and then in half longways. Blanch them in salted water, keeping them crisp, strain and chill immediately.
  • Remove the fat from the deer filet, brown in a pan with a bit of oil, thyme, and bay leaves, place it on a baking tray, glaze with the reduction, attach the chopped hazelnuts and insert it in the oven preheated to 180℃ for 9 minutes; afterwards, leave it to rest for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Put the green onion cream in a pastry bag and make a circle on the serving dish; stain the center of the circle with a bit of the green onion cream. Toss the asparagus with a knob of butter and place them as you like on the serving dish; position the venison filet, laying half in the green circle and add the reduction, trying not to mix with the green onion cream.



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Other Info

Kcal 387*

*For every medium-low speed running activity (8Km/h), the AVERAGE calorie consumption is of approximately 8Kcal x Kg x height, considering an average female weight of 60Kg and an average male weight of 80 Kg.